Implant planning with the use of full navigation surgical guide – #CASE 1

Integral part of our work in Dental Print 3D is the support in planning process. Interesting case from yesterday – relatively difficult clinical situation.

Case of the patient, who had lost her implant after 7 years in 45 position because of the breaking od the abutment. Unfortunatelly implant has been removed. After 4 months from explantation, the design process to restore the quadrant restoration has begun.
PROBLEM: Little bone quantity vertically and close course of an nervovascular bundle.
SOLUTION: Insertion of 2 short implants in 45 and 46 positions and then linking all 3 implants with screwed-down prosthetic restoration.

TOOLS: Full navigation surgical guide

DOUBTS AND POSSIBILITIES: In such case most of the programs for implant planning allows for designing the surgical guide which is rated both on teeth and mucosa… but is it a safe solution ?

From my experience it turns out that a guide resting on mucosa with quadrant absences will have some level of bend during the procedure for example because of elasticity of soft tissues. THE BEST solution for me – practican- is planning and producing the guide which selectively rests on teeth, mucosa and bone…
Please see the illustrations below how the guide rests on teeth and mucosa (white) and what is the difference with a bone support in quadrant absence (brown). For better depiction I attach the sections and 3D images.

Planning program: coDiagnostix
Implants: Straumann Standard Plus Short Roxolid SLActive D4.1mm/L4mm

Krzysztof Chmielewski

Krzysztof Chmielewski

Dentist, world renowned specialist in implantology, controlled bone regeneration and esthetic dentistry

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