Implant planning with maxillary sinus omission – CASE #1

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Implant planning with maxillary sinus omission.

On the left side in maxilla there is a planned  prothetic restoration supported on implants.

Because of the financial limitations and patients’ request, treatment is planned in such way that there won’t be any maxillary sinus lining lifting.

Precision shall be achieved thanks to computer navigation.
What would you do in such situation ?

Which option would you pick for yourself ? Maxillary sinus lifting or implants inserted at an angle ?

Design of a guide with support on both teeth and mucosa. Inspection windows on teeth allow for checking up the correct placement of the guide on teeth.

Palatal inspection windows allow for convenient analgesia after anesthetic is glven with minimalisation of any guide movement.

In the program there are planned and picked correct abutments for screwed prosthetic with optimal positioning with accordance to the digital wax-up.

Tomorrow – the surgery…

Krzysztof Chmielewski

Krzysztof Chmielewski

Dentist, world renowned specialist in implantology, controlled bone regeneration and esthetic dentistry

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